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 Keith Siddle Books 

Illustrator / Author / Artist

"Hi Keith, Dylan LOVES his book! Of all his Christmas books, Pirate Jack is his favourite. He has even named his build-your-own-pirate-ship 'The Scallywag'."

"And fantastic they are, my Year 2 class are very much enjoying them"


“Having painted and been fascinated by wildlife since childhood, when I first became a professional artist I initially decided to concentrate on one subject and chose the oriental and beautifully ornamental fish, Nishikigoi (Koi) - for their power, grace and colour variations.


I’ve embraced the same work ethos that the most eminent Japanese Koi breeders use in nurturing their Champions:

Dedication, patience, detail, enthusiasm and passion.


These skills have enabled me to expand and experiment with my subject matter, from Tropical Marine fish and other Sealife inspired by my scuba diving experiences to Food Art, inspired by…..eating!


My love of colour, imagination and drawing has lead me to writing, illustrating and self-publishing my own range of children’s picture books. My stories are based on things I care about or seen…from the rubbish in our oceans (conservation) to “Jack” our old one-eyed (Pirate) cat!”

I hope my illustrations and stories inspire children to draw, write and read more...

For further details please email: 


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Scuba Keith in Tenerife!
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“Pirate Jack – The One-eyed Cat”


Jack lives in the house of his owner, Cornelius, who owns a small antique shop.  Unknown to Cornelius, Jack has a secret life, that of a Pirate!

With his band of cut-throat mice, water voles, and pigeons, he spends his time battling with Harpoon Harry, a one-legged albatross, and his gang of thieving seagulls, as he tries to supply Cornelius’s shop with real pirate treasure.

Book size: 219mm x 220mm


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(+ £2 p&p UK / email for international p&p)

Children's Picture Books
Written, illustrated & published by Keith

3 for £18
(+ £2 p&p UK / email for international p&p)


The books can be
dedicated & signed

on request

 please email Keith at:

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“Little Angelica – A little fish on her

BIG adventure”


Little Angelica is the smallest fish in her shoal.  She wants to be more independent and explore, so she leaves the safety of her family shoal.  Along her journey she meets and befriends other species, but what happens when they have to go back to their families and leave Little Angelica alone?

Book size: 210mm x 285mm


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(+ £2 p&p UK / email for international p&p)

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“Little Angelica – To Save our Sea”


A book inspired by conservation in our oceans. This is the sequel to “Little Angelica – A little fish on her BIG adventure”.  When Little Angelica goes to see her friends, Pablo the Picasso fish, Speedy Seahorse and Shelley Turtle, she discovers they are in trouble! How can she help them and what can they do about the plastic and rubbish in their home?

Book size: 210mm x 285mm


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(+ £2 p&p UK / email for international p&p)

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